The TRIEILAT was founded on the belief that we have the optimal conditions throughout the year to host athletes from around the world for structured week-long camps that include everything needed to allow you to be at your best: room and board, and well-organized training sessions accompanied by professional and technical assistance.

All the staff at the TRIEILAT are triathletes and iron-men themselves, that live and breath the sport24 hours a day. We love what we do and believe that we have enough knowledge to provide you with the most professional and enjoyable experience.

The TRIEILAT is held on the shores of the Red Sea (the town Eilat, at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba), with beautiful and challenging desert topography next to the clear blue sea. There is little car-traffic while riding and endless trails to run in the hills or along the shore. The weather is warm and dry and water temperature never drops below 21oC!

This is also the location of the annual Israman® competitions, one of the most challenging long-course triathlons in the world, and voted "one of the best 10 iron-distance triathlons" by Triathlete Magazine, 2010.

I invite you to consider joining us for a TRIEILAT, and will be delighted and honored to host you.

Eddie Lugasy
Founder and manager, TRIEILAT-Red Sea Training Camp

"The TRIEILAT was founded on the belief that we have the optimal conditions throughout the year to host athletes from around the world for structured week-long camps that include everything needed to allow you to be at your best"

"I've been to Tri Eilat and loved it!"
-Olaf Grönd, 38, Germany
"I've been to Tri Eilat and it was great!"
-Eline Järnkamna, 26, Israel


Weather & Season

The Eilat Training Camp will be based at the Isrotel Sport Club Hotel in Eilat. Isrotel Sport
Club recently underwent extensive renovation of its rooms and public grounds. It now hasa special, modern design that includes swimming pool and gym. An ‘active’ team, sporting activities alongside children’s activities, selection of food, and of course the great service that the Isrotel chain of hotels is so well- known for, guarantee the ideal vacation for anyone who loves a sporty holiday and who enjoys a really high ­quality, all­ included hotel.

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More than 3 million tourists visit Eilat every year, most of them come in the winter time; between October and May. The combination of mountains and clear blue sea, relaxing on the beach and night­life, the unlimited attractions for  the entire family make the city hard to resist. The location is reachable with one flight of few hours, making Eilat a very atractive city for European travel.
Eilat is located at the southernmost tip of Israel, on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea), some 360 km away from Jerusalem and a similar distance from Tel Aviv. The Gulf of Aqaba is part of the Dead Sea rift valley and combines tranquil clear waters surrounded by desert mountains. This is an arid desert land where the temperatures are warm year­round, and rainfall is scarce ­ you can count on suitable training conditions
whenever you happen to arrive!
The combination of clear calm sea, warm and dry weather and secluded desert roads in mountainous terrain makes for great training grounds for various sports, and particularly
the swimming,­ bicycle, running combination.
Eilat is a busy touristic town and attracts some 3 million visitors annually. It is a favored destination for northern Europeans seeking a few days of sunshine during winter. Attractions include hotels and restaurants of all levels, night life, sunny beaches, coral reefs, diving facilities, desert excursions and more…

Training Programs

Our camp is located in Eilat, at the northernmost tip of the Red Sea, an area with ideal
condition for tri­sport training, Year­-round blue skies, beautiful blue and calm seas, permits endless hours of training.

From challanging mountanious cycling tracks to long flat tracks of the Arava Vally, Eilat
has it all.  Infinite running corses with stunning dersert views offer a unique training spot.
Our technical support team will allow you to enjoy all these and train hard while getting all
your needs along the way. Train hard with a smile on your face! we would like to help you
get the most out of your training by allowing you to focus on training and fun only. We will
take care of all the rest.

A 25m swimming pool at your hotel or safe swiming  courses at sea, 2 min walk from your hotel, we promise a pleasant swim tin cristal clear tropical water. Train hard while swimming over a beautiful coral reef. Swim with fish and rays in the calm water of the Gulf of Eilat where seawater temperature never drops below 20 degrees Celcius.
​Every year in January the long distance Israman competition takes place in Eilat. This competition (a local equivalent of an Ironman competition) is considered by many as one of the 10 hardest triathlon competitions in the world (Triathlete Magazine). The Red Sea Training Camp team is annualy taking part in this competition. The Isramen cycling route will let you experience up­hill cycling with slopes of up to 12% with changing
wind direction along the course. Our course along the Arava Vally let you fight your way against head northern wind, but you will benefit from a tail wind to have a speedy ride back home.
Most of our running training is going to be next to the beach with beautiful views of mountains and the red sea. All the training will be with a coach and support of our caring team.

Our Staff

The Red sea training camp for ironman and triathlon was set up by Eddie Lugassy, with the belief that Eilat, the best location, and weather conditions along with proffessional training will make your training camp unforgetable.

"I always say I'm lucky that this sport is my love and that I live in this amazing city, where weather never stops me from going out."

Eddie Lugasy

The idea for the Eilat triathlon & Ironman training camp grows in my head, every time I return home from my morning training session. I always say I'm lucky that this sport is my love and that I live in this amazing city, where weather never stops me from going out.
For the last 8 years I have been engaged in training and competing in triathlon events ­ from full "Ironman" distance to olympic distance. I do all (or at least the vast majority) of my training here in Eilat. The sun shines all year round (although summers are warm, forcing you out in the early morning) , the sea is calm and the water is warm (never less then 21C in winter). Riding up the hills into the desert offers a challenging course with little traffic. I have threfore decided to set up training camps and invite athletes from all over the planet to take advantage of this perfect setting.
Hope to see you all soon,
Eddie Lugassy.
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Nina Pekerman is an Israeli triathlete. She's the 5 time Israeli Olympic Triathlon winner, 2 times Isramen contest winner, 4 time half Isramen winner and a Maccabiah winner in the Triathlon category. In the Frankfurt European championship in 2010 she finished 10th overall amongst the women and first in her age group. In the world championship in Hawaii that same year Nina finished 26th amongst the women competitors. Nina is a senior trainer with the Trieilat staff and an active partner in running the camp.

Contact "Nina"

"Shlomo Zaks is a senior endurance coach with national and international recognition"

Shlomo Sachs

Shlomo Zaks is a senior endurance coach with national and international recognition.  His more recent achievements apart from a very successful career as a tri-coach has been in the Beijing olympic games when his trainee, Shahar Zuberi won a bronze medal in sailing.
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"Orian trains people who dream of taking part in Marathons, Triathlons or just people who wish to enter a routine of physical training."

Orian Hertz


Orian had finished the Israeli Ironman contest in second place, and continues to practice towards next year's Ironman – Sweden contest. While not practicing, Orian trains people who dream of taking part in Marathons, Triathlons or just people who wish to enter a routine of physical training.

You could meet Orian every morning and train with her on the wonderful courses in Trieilat.

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What's Included

We have years of experience in short and long distance triathlon training, variable topography with very nice courses for all three sports & warm and dry weather all  year round. We know that we have the best conditions to put a smile on your face for the duration of your stay.

All your needs are catered for. We provide all meals: breakfast,  lunch and dinner, making sure that you receive plenty of healthy and tasty food. We can also provide special foods as needed (gluten ­free, nut or dairy free, etc.). All day you have soft drink's,food,ice cream and more… free!!!
The last night will be a BBQ night including DJ.

The Eilat Training Camp will be based at the Isrotel Sport Club Hotel in Eilat. Isrotel Sport
Club recently underwent extensive renovation of its rooms and public grounds. It now has a special, modern design that includes swimming pool and gym. An ‘active’ team, sporting activities alongside children’s activities, selection of food, and of course the great service that the Isrotel chain of hotels is so well- known for, guarantee the ideal vacation for anyone who loves a sporty holiday and who enjoys a really high ­quality, all­ included hotel.

General Terms

  • 7 nights at Isrotel Sport Club hotel (per person in double room)
  • fully catered meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner  (option for vegetarian or special food)
  • Guided bike rides with two experienced coaches and support car
  • Pool and open water coached swimming sessions
  • Running sessions to improve endurance and speed
  • Assistance in building and re­-packing bikes for transportation
  • Training schedule for the week
  • the food and drinks are free all day long
  • Transport to and from Ben Gurion Airport
  • not included:
  • flight's to and from Israel
  • travel bike insurance

Book Now

Short distance training program – schedule:

day 1:

16:00­ check in
18:00­ out for running of 45 minutes
19:30­ dinner
20:30­ abridged for all week

day 2:

​6:30 ­breakfast
8:00­ riding on the Israman course 2:30 hours
12:30 ­lunch & rest
15:00 swimming open water
16:30­ rest
19:30 dinner
20:30­ lecture about eilat red sea

day 3:

6:30­ breakfast
8:00 ­riding interval 1:30 hours
11:00­ running
12:30­ lunch
15:00­ swimming open water 1 hour
19:30­ dinner

day 4:

6:30­ breakfast
8:00­ riding&running
12:30­ lunch
15:00­ swimming 45 min
19:30 ­dinner
20:30­ free

day 5:

6:00 ­breakfast
7:30 ­riding 3.5­4 hours on Israman course
13:00 lunch
15:00­ swimming
19:30­ dinner
20:30 ­free evening

day 6:

6:00 ­breakfast
7:30­ simulation of triathlon competition
12:30 ­lunch
16:00­ yoga

day 7:

6:30 ­breakfast
8:00­ bicycle ride for 2 hours
11:00 ­swimming
13:00­ lunch and packing
20:00 BBQ evening with beer and wine

Long distance training program – schedule:

day 1:

16:00­ check in
18:00­ 45­minute run, to stretch the legs
19:30­ dinner
20:30­ briefing for the coming week

day 2:

​6:30­ breakfast
8:00­ bike ride on the israman course, 130km
14:00­ lunch & rest
17:00­ swiming at the pool
19:30­ dinner
20:30­ lecture about Eilat and the Red Sea

day 3:

6:30­ breakfast
8:00­ running on the Israman course, 1:30 hour along the beach
12:00­ lunch
14:30-­15:30­ open water swimming in the Red Sea
19:30­ dinner

day 4:

6:00­ breakfast
7:30­ bike ride to Mitzpe ­Ramon 150 km away (around 7 hours)
15:00­ check in at the Pundak Ramon hotel in Mitzpe Ramon
19:00­ dinner
20:30­ briefing for tomorrow

day 5:

6:00­ breakfast
7:30­ riding back to Eilat with a stop for a 10km run
14:30­ lunch & rest
19:30­ dinner
20:30­ free evening

day 6:

6:30­ breakfast
8:00­ running 1:30 hours
12:30­ lunch
14:30­ swimming
19:30­ dinner
20:30­ beer in the pub

​day 7:

6:30­ breakfast
8:00­ bike ride for 2 hours
11:00­ swimming
13:00­ lunch and packing
20:00­ BBQ evening with beer and wine

Please fill in your details and the desired program and we will be happy to get back to you with further details:

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Contact me – Eddie Lugassy: +972-(5)-47226363 trieilat@issta.co.il

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